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Legends Academy

Legends Academy is a homeschool collective in St. Louis, Missouri that is dedicated to providing a safe, diverse, educational carefree environment for children six weeks to five years old to grow strong intellectually and physically.

Legends Academy is the accumulation of 20 years of childcare experience, 10 years of professional studies, and the raw passion of Jessica K. Carter. It’s more than a school. It’s a safe haven for baby scholars to explore their creative genius while receiving exceptional care and resources that begin their educational pursuits.

Students will engage in a curriculum specifically designed with them in mind to promote a diverse and inclusive environment that teaches core educational concepts, life skills, and more!

The learning center will focus its community around beautiful plants, healthy food, and amazing animals. Enrolled families will also receive direct access to more services and products that enhance community strides towards self-sustainability.

We believe in fostering positive, educational, diverse learning opportunities for children and teaching self-sustaining life skills that build exceptional students. Our academic focuses range from, but are not limited to:


Science, Math, Agriculture,Technology, Art, History, Music, Yoga, Sign Langage, & more!

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