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Urban Agriculture

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This private virtual consultation explains how to grow food from the comfort of your home with raised beds, containers, and good ol' fashion dirt.


Simple concepts are explored to provide the necessary knowledge & plans for family's to start their own gardens. Participants are provided ample time to ask questions directly related to their gardening adventure.


Cost: $75 per 60 minute session

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Do you want to start a garden but don't want to go at it alone? Well, this service is for you. Let's briefly discuss your garden goals and design a plan that you will love.


I'll leave you with a materials list and a future date for us to "learn and work" as we construct your ideal garden for up to 60 minutes.

Cost: $125 per session

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Garden Consultations

Onsite Training

Complete Garden Setup

Allow me to design the best garden for you based on your needs and ambitious desire to live off the land. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Site Inspection 

  • Crop Selection 

  • Garden Layout

  • Planting Seeds and/or Transplants

  • Care Instructions 

  • Compost Recommendations 

  • Pest Prevention

This custom package starts at $250 plus material costs. Complete the form  to schedule a free phone consultation.

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