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Discovery Kits

Discovery Kits are here! The edition features your very own herb & flower garden kit plus our newest release, "Tribe X Presents: Growing Pains" for only $35 with free shipping! This Discovery Kit's impact will last for a lifetime as your child is encouraged to learn horticulture- the art of garden cultivation and management! Kits include seed packets, biodegradable pots, dirt disks, plant markers, hand shovel & surprise goodies! Join Tribe X today as they help make Earth a little greener!

Tribe-X Presents: Growing Pains

Tribe X is here with another adventure for magical children across the globe! Join Kam, Peanut, Dahlila, and Wiz as they help Juju problem solve to rebuild her favorite garden plot with magical beans! Follow Juju’s tale of growth as she begins her day with lots of problems but turns victorious as a problem-solver! It is a story of friendships, gardening basics, and adventure that you do not want to miss. This majestic tale is perfect for story time and beginning readers alike. The colorful illustrations perfectly capture each Tribe X member’s individual strengths. Further detailed illustrations teach the power of gardening to children in a memorable way. Join Tribe X and help make the world a greener place!

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Tribe-X Presents: ABC Affirmations About Me

From their head to their toes, beautiful Black and Brown children deserve to know just how amazing they are! Join "Tribe X Presents: ABC Affirmations About Me," as Wiz, Juju, Peanut, Dalilah, and Kam of Tribe X! explores the extraordinary depths of their truest authentic selves, from A to Z! As the leading book in a series of character-building adventures, "Tribe X Presents: ABC About Me" outlines each letter of the alphabet with positive affirmations in a rhythmic style to help young children engage and retain words that are stepping stones to positive self-identity measures. As an instructive tool for caregivers and educators, each letter not only adds to children’s vocabulary bank, but also shows them how to transform the words into behaviors and character traits through vibrant illustrations by D. Artistic Touch. 

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